“Dean’s a rare species. Dean and JoJo have known each other for decades and Dean’s amazing ability in the water makes him the perfect companion for JoJo and he found a great opportunity to study a wild dolphin.”

—Robin Williams

  • Dean & JoJo Movie Trailer


“JoJo would not have protected Dean from the Hammerhead Shark if he hadn’t felt strong emotion. There’s no denying that the bond between them is very real.”

—Pierce Brosnan

“JoJo’s attraction to Bernal goes far beyond curiosity. It seems to be a genuine longing for companionship. Dean Bernal is one of the lucky few, and he knows it, for JoJo has bestowed upon him a rare gift, friendship with a creature that is wild and free. Could it be that other minds are capable of communicating with us which inhabit our sea?”

—George Page
PBS “Nature”

“I think that there’s no more important single experience than the direct wordless contact between a person and these wonderful animals. There’s a lot that goes back and forth between the person and the animal in those moments.”

—Dr. Ken Norris