Dean & JoJo Safety First

Our brand characters are applied to markets and programs for the safety of children and adults. We address current and future needs using state of the art technology such as apps and safety innovation. Click here for co-branding and licencing with Dean & JoJo for good cause technology. 

  1.  Natural Disaster Safety (Earthquake Safety /Tornado/Hurricane)
  2.  Children’s safety Animal recovery
  3.  Life Guard/Water/Swimmer Safety
  4.  National Parks Ranger Wilderness Rescue
  5.  Sporting Event and Stadium Safety
  6.  Anti-Bullying and Safety
  7. Dean & JoJo Space Station or Planet Exploration & Rescue
  8. Transportation Safety (Planes, Cars, Subways, Trains, Boats, etc.)
  9. Film and Entertainment Education
  10. Adventure Safety
  11. Toys and Products Safety
  12. Ocean and Environment Protection
  13. Land and Animal Protection