“Children with cancer, other life-threatening illnesses, or burns are populations that will receive particular benefits from the JoJo and Dean Therapeutic Intervention Program. In my own practice, people with depression, anxiety and other emotional problems have also benefited.”

—Mark S Konecky, PhD

This program also uses an active Socratic discussion format to help children identify feelings associated with being ill or disabled. Strategies for actively coping with and altering feelings associated with incapacity such as helplessness are highlighted.

A story-telling program and DVD presentation in which the true story of a friendship between a wild dolphin and a human is presented. Aspects of the story that involve the human and dolphin ways of coping with illness, injury, and disability are emphasized. An activity program in which children rehearse strategies for coping with illness and disability is followed by a brief summary discussion.

Running time: 70-90 minutes.