Legend of Atlantis

Atlantian, known to many who have dreams of its existence, is a realm where all of the Atlantian sculptures, gods and goddesses known in our world today are imbued with life. Bronze sculptures, paintings, mosaics and temples — breathe in life there, but perhaps not for long. A curse which befell on the disappearance of Atlantian as a world, is set upon us by the evil of Astaria, a giant nautilus shelled face of beauty that is evident of her evil by the red in her eyes like Meudusa, and her death gripping protruding tentacles. She has taken over Atlantian. This was only possible when there was less sacrificial true love in the human world and less care for our planet.  More power was given to Atlantian’s worst nemesis, the evil god Astaria who vowed to case in bronze forever the compassionate Gods of Atlantian. Astaria, captured and froze the souls of Atlentian true gods within their own bronze forms. Each bronze is guarded by evil demons who reveal their greatest powers when Atlantian is about to fall. Forever.

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